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Automation platform with ready-to-use apps

Processes, tasks and documents in one place

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Essential component of their business:

Process is a set of connected operations

To achieve optimal execution of a business transaction
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We believe your company is outsdanding if run their processes effectively

Did you know?


of operations are routine, poorly handed and should be digitilized


of decisions are misguided, error-prone and lead to financial losses


of processes are to complex and can't keep pace with it's business nature

Makigami resolves many
organization problems
you may have

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Main challenges organizations
have with Processes

Many not connected tasks
  • No common understanding of process flows and dependencies
  • Missed deadlines
  • No progress visibility
Value added tasks - arranged into process
  • Processes simplified and their cost lowered
  • Processes delivered on time
  • Processes monitored and progress visible
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Having troubles with any of these, let's discuss about Makigami

Main challenges with
work management

Next best task - not known
  • Too many tasks with uknown priority
  • Everybody too busy
All done - in right order
  • All roles and duties known
  • Never forget how things are done

Main challenges with Tools

Many distributed not integrated systems
  • High risk of failure of buidling custom new application
  • Further development often not impossible
  • High costs of service and maintainance
More control - centric systems
  • New applications within single day
  • Many integration possibilites between systems
  • Makigami is a docker for many build-in applications

Makigami is unlike any other Business Process Platform
you've ever touched

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Simple to start,
beautifully designed

  • Given notation assure awesome results - just Drag & Drop
  • Exceptional usability ensure engagement of whole organization

Quick process conversion into business applications

  • Create new process application in single day
  • Test and reorganize whole applications easy
  • No brakes or data migrations required
  • Connect other systems and applications
  • Define your own data structure if needed

Many insights to improve

  • Unique combination of analysis and managment tools
  • Discover bottlenecks and adjust capacity
  • Monitor and control performance indicators

Big picture of your business

  • Powerful reports and analytics
  • Real-time performance indicators and dashboards

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